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Have you heard about - "DISRUPTIVE"
It is used as a descriptor of anything that totally changes the old rules.
- Airbnb is disruptive to the traditional hotel business.
- Uber and Lyft are disruptive to the traditional taxi services.
- Even Amazon is disruptive to traditional retail business.
- Crypto Currencies are disruptive to the traditional banking world.
ZapoCash is disruptive to the traditional way of opportunities, it is reserved for Zapo Members only without any additional cost.!

It is a simple process to join the Zapo Cash. Become a Member at Zapo VCC, and complete your Membership registration.. Upon confirmation, we will activate your entry into the ZapoCash opportunity. You also receive additional benefits as a Zapo Group Member, like free access into the Zapo Casino (win monthly rewards), and much more:
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The Zapo strategy is designed to create wealth growth using a variety of Internet based services and Crypto Currency/Precious Metals trading for the benefits of its Members. Zapo Group is your Solution to increase value of assets and Capture the Crypto Currency World from a whole new perspective. Establishing a Digital Identity (Zapo) and Digital Assets (Zapo VCC), benefiting all Members.


To be successful you must believe in whatever you want to achieve

Since the value of BTC, ETH and all crypto coins change by the minute, we installed dollar denomination for easy accounting for all members with the same base value. Even so the Zapo Cash Opportunity, as well as Zapo VCC are using Bitcoin and Crypto Coins, we use the straight amount of Dollar for easier calculation, and convert payouts into then current btc value.

You join an established business - the Zapo Group.

As verified Zapo Member you will receive a placement position in Zapo Cash with the potential of substantially large returns.

To make it very clear, you are joining the Zapo Group as a Member via the with a payment of $100 (select from BTC, BCH, ETH or several other available Crypto coins) to become a verified Zapo Member. The Zapo Cash Opportunity is a part of the benefits offered by Zapo Group, like the Zapo Casino, The Zapo Trading Pool and other Zapo Services. There is NO referral or sponsor requirement, and NO bonus payments. The Zapo Cash Opportunity is provided strictly as an additional benefit by the Zapo Group.

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