How it Works!


ZapoCash Success Strategy

Make sure you use your Sponsor's referral link.
Click on JOIN and complete your information.
You can enter a BTC wallet ID later when you start a withdrawal.

Only ONE $500 entry purchase is allowed per person. The username and
the email address can only be used for one account.
While moving through the different stages of the system, you
will receive 5 addional re-entries, which will create a repetition
of your entries and therefore, you only need ONE $500 ENTRY.

After registration, log into your account, click on "Purchase a
Position", click ONLY ONCE on the RED button, goes to next page:
click ONCE on the ÇoinPayments BLUE button on that page, then
select BTC or any one crypto currency or PayPal, thereafter on right side
fill in YOUR NAME and EMAIL in the space provided and Check Out,
to make the payment.

After your payment has been approved, you will receive a message
from our payment processor (CoinPayments).
Now you can log in, go to "Promotional Centre" (left menu) and
copy your Referral Link. Share this link with other people.

For EVERY MEMBER who joins, using either your OWN referral link,
or by the assistance of other members who joined before you,
the system will post a $160 credit to your account.
When 3 positions are filled in your line, you will upgrade
to Line2 Bronze for higher earnings.

You can initiate a withdrawal request anytime, when your account
shows an earned balance

This is, in fact, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO - FINDING 3 OTHER PEOPLE to share
your sentiments and to MOTIVATE them to DUPLICATE YOU!
Think about it - ONE $500 ENTRY, little motivation and little work,

Super Simple , Super Easy and Super Affordable!


ZapoCash is not for ppeople who expect "quick-get-rich" action.,
It is NOT for Couch-sitters and do not use your last funds to participate, /> it is NOT for people who don't want to do the basics - Talking to other people
Remember, be a leader, and teach others to become Leaders.
Leaders win - you will gain far greater returns for your efforts.

When you completed a full cycle, you will have earned
almost $12,380 and received 5 new and re-entries in "ZapoCash".
It's just awesome!